A Quicken Alternative For Those Focused on Budgeting


As a personal finance enthusiast I’ve always been interested in software that makes the process easier.

Two of the more popular programs in recent years have been Microsoft Money and Quicken. Between the two I settled on Quicken, but quickly realized I needed a Quicken alternative that would allow me to focus on my budget without having to deal with all the bells and whistles that I didn’t use or need.

As I searched for a Quicken alternative, I knew these needs had to be met.

  1. The software had to be easy to use. I wanted to be able to set up a budget and keep track of it, without having a PH.D in finance.
  2. The software had to have the ability to import my bank and credit card statements.
  3. There had to be support available from the software company in case I had any issues or needed some additional training.
  4. There had to be a way to create reports that showed me graphically how I was doing with my budget.

With all of these things in mind, I set out on my quest to find the perfect budgeting software for my situation.

I finally found the program I was looking for. I downloaded the software and took it for a spin.

The software was easy to use and allowed me to import my bank statements and get started quickly. The website offered instruction manuals, training, and a forum where other users are sharing their stories. It also allowed me to create fantastic reports that showed me exactly where I was under or over budget for any given time period.

I can happily say that I finally found a Quicken alternative that works for me.


Source by Eric Transue

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